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Subject Choice Guidelines

The below information is vital to choosing the correct subjects for your studies


Start with The end in mind

This is the most important point to remember when choosing your subjects. Always begin by trying to decide what your GOAL is. Once you know what you would like to do after high school you can better understand the two steps below.

There are two steps to deciding what subjects to take:

1. The level required for further studies.

  • This depends on what type of tertiary studies you want to go into once you have completed high school. There are 2 major choices, either the more academic Bachelor Degree studies or the more practical Diploma and National Certificate studies.

2. The subjects required for further studies.

  • Once you know what level you require you can decide on what subjects to choose from those on offer. You need to choose certain compulsory subjects, but over and above those you should choose subjects that will best prepare you for your future field of study.