Our uniquely designed Study Skills course focuses on honing your studying abilities, and understanding your distinctive learning styles.

Discover how to…

    • manage your time better,
    • organize your life more effectively,
    • increase your achievements at school,

…and utilise these skills as you then transition into the working world. Suitable for anyone from Grade 8 up (adults too)!

(Now freely available alongside our IGCSE and/or AS-Level tutor support, or purchasable as a STAND-ALONE COURSE.)


R300 once-off fee for 6-months access!

IIC’s Study Skills Course has been divided into “Themes” that focus on the challenging aspects of studying that all students face. Each Theme offers enriching content that is highly beneficial for any student’s personal academic journey.

Start our Study Skills Course now, and embark on a journey of academic excellence. We will help you unlock the secrets to success in your studies, as you cover such essential topics as:

• How to Study,
• Memory and Writing Skills,
• Studying Online,
• Revision Techniques,
• …and so much more!!

In the midst of life’s daily whirlwind, it’s crucial to make every moment count! This course is more than just a guide; it’s an invitation to discover your distinct learning style and develop empowering study habits. Imagine feeling not just prepared, but truly equipped, confident, and eager to apply these skills in every facet of your academic journey and beyond.

With our Study Skills Course, you can! Enrol today.

Most students do not know how to study effectively according to their strengths and weaknesses.

Everything you do requires some form of learning, so it is essential for you to figure out

Not only will your studies and homework be impacted, but you will bring balance into your life in terms of studying, social activities, exercise and more!


Going through the important aspects of studying effectively in this course will teach you how to prepare and set goals for yourself, what it looks like to find information and how to work with this information for yourself, what the best ways to study online are, new techniques for reviewing your studies, tools for writing exams, and how to cope with and manage anxiety (something that we all deal with at some point in our lives!).

These methods and SO MUCH MORE are explained and expanded upon in our unique and attentively-designed STUDY SKILLS Course.