Our subjects consist of three main costs

1. Tutor Support Subscription

  • We charge a subscription fee for tutor support for each subject that you take. You register once for the number of subjects you require and pay 1 months subscription upfront. Thereafter you are charged the listed amount for your number of subjects over a period of 15 months meaning you have completed paying for your 18 month course before you start exams. You are able to increase or decrease the number of subjects during your studies if you need to.

2. Text Book Costs

  • These costs are payable upfront and are a separate purchase to your tutor support subscription. You are also given the option of trying to source your textbooks yourself based on our book list – however you MUST get the same ISBN’s as those listed in our book list as our tutor support is aligned to them. You will only receive the book list after registering for tutor support. The price for each subject on our pricing pages is the total price of all textbooks for that subject if purchased through us.

3. Examination Fees

  • These fees are once-off and are paid to the examination venue through whom you choose to write your exams. You will only need to pay these fees about 5 months before your exams (which are held in either May/June or October/November each year). These costs can be confirmed through your examination venue of choice.

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