Career Guidance

What would you like to do when you grow up?

Some people know exactly what they want to do when they grow up – if thats you then you are very fortunate.

For most of us the answer is not as clear-cut as we want it to be. There are so many career paths to choose from, and even if someone has a desire to go in one direction, for example engineering, once they actually end up learning what engineering is all about they often realise that they aren’t very interested in it at all.

Start sooner rather than later

Instead of waiting until you reach University or the working world to figure out that your chosen career is not all that you expected it to be, why not begin figuring that out now?

We recommend that all students about to begin their Gr 10 year go through a career guidance process to begin narrowing down the most suitable options available to them.

That said – it is NEVER TOO LATE for you to begin this process and our solution will be beneficial to you no matter where you are in your career selection journey, even if you are already working in a job that you now realise is not truly suited to you.

How we can help you

In partnership with Online Career Guidance, a South African company, we are able to guide you through the process of selecting a study and career path that suits your unique Interests, Skills and Personality Traits and it will only take about 30 minutes.

You can register, pay and complete the process online using any device that can view websites.

Steps to follow:

Once registered ensure that you use our Authorisation Code below to get a 10% Discount on the Career Guidance exercise.

Authorisation Code: 2021

  1. Visit their website –
  2. Register a free account on their website.
  3. Enter your school details once your account is registered.
  4. Once done you will be taken to a page that says “Start Exercise”
    1. Enter our Authorisation code: 2021
    2. Make payment of R 315.
  5. Complete the exercise

Once complete you will receive a comprehensive report like this one: Example Career Report

If you have any questions regarding the Online Career Guidance Exercise and system you can view the FAQ page or contact them directly at