What We’ve Seen:

Over the past few years, we at Imperial International College have noticed a strong correlation between Assessment results on our platform and the actual exam results from the Cambridge examination sessions.

Students who have shown dedication and application of feedback from our tutors in each of their Assessments are proving well-prepared for their exams, and this is reflected in their exam results each year. In fact, several of our students achieved up to 10% higher in their Cambridge exam results last year compared to their IIC Assessment results!

How Does IIC Prepare Students?

We know that the demand of Cambridge IGCSEs and AS-Levels is intense, and the workload and pressure can be stressful! For this reason, we have intentionally broken up each subject’s syllabus into bite-sized “chunks” and our students’ knowledge of each “chunk” is then tested in an Assessment.

The main objective of our Assessments is to assess how much students know, as well as to clearly identify what they don’t know well enough.
As we remind our students, it is what you don’t know that is the most important purpose to our Assessments!

Once students have completed the syllabus with the aid of several Assessments, they then move on to our past papers, which are laid out to resemble the actual exam papers as closely as possible. For example, a student studying IGCSE Maths will write paper 2 and paper 4 in the Cambridge exams, and so our past papers for this subject will consist of multiple paper 2’s and paper 4’s.
This helps students to become more familiar with how questions are spread out across the different papers.

Looking for Eggs!

Ivana Ries, the writer and founder of our sister company, Love2Learn Curriculum, homeschooled both of her daughters and she had a lovely saying:

“Each fact or concept that you know is like an egg in your basket – you want to make sure your basket is full to overflowing with eggs!”

Learning from your mistakes in an Assessment and applying our tutors’ feedback is like adding eggs to your basket!
When you then move on and write the next Assessment, ideally you will make new mistakes, not old ones, and you will find new eggs to place in the basket.

“Each fact or concept that you know is like an egg in your basket – you want to make sure your basket is full to overflowing with eggs!”

As we said earlier, students who make use of our support, applying themselves when it comes to writing Assessments and implementing tutor feedback, have reaped the reward of their efforts when receiving their exam results.

We really want to encourage our parents and students, who may be a bit unsure how necessary our Assessments are, to please grab the bull by the horns and utilize our support to its fullest potential!

When exams roll around, we want you to feel as prepared as possible, confidently unpacking your basket and serving up a massive omelet with all those eggs!