It’s always scary and stressful when one is awaiting results – particularly important ones like your Cambridge examination results! It’s definitely worth your while to learn a few coping mechanisms and tricks while you wait, as well as learning how to interpret your results when you receive them, and what to do next with the results – good or bad!

How to Manage Anxiety

Waiting for exam results can be a stress-filled period, where emotions and anxiety both run high. To try and mitigate this stress and pass the time quickly, try some relaxation strategies to take your mind off things. Going for a walk or run is always great to clear your mind. Starting new projects or concentrating on your hobbies will help take your focus off results. Explore new places, and remember to be kind to yourself – anxiety can be a natural part of waiting for results, so give yourself a bit of a break!

How Cambridge Results are Released

IGCSE and AS-Level results are released separately on official dates provided by Cambridge. Your exam centre should inform you of these dates, so that you know when to expect your results. On results day, you will be able to log in to the Cambridge Candidate Results page, with information provided to you by your exam centre. Here you will find a list of the exams you took, along with your grades.

Results are graded from an ‘F’ rating to a ‘A*’ rating, or for more recent courses, from ‘1’ to ‘9’. An ‘F’ or ‘1’ corresponds to 30%-39%, while ‘A*’ or ‘9’ corresponds to 90% or higher. You may also receive your results as the actual percentage that you achieved, instead of a symbol, or both! A result of ‘ungraded’ means that the minimum requirements to pass that particular subject were not met.

What to do with your Results?

If you are completely happy with your results, congratulations! The most stressful part of your examinations is now behind you, and you can rest assured that you achieved well.

If, however, you are not satisfied with your results, don’t fret! You can query these with your exam centre, or ask IIC for assistance. When results are queried, the exam centres will firstly provide you with individual marks of the different sections of your exams – so, for example, if you wrote AS-Level Physics, you would be provided a mark for each of the three papers you had to write. From these marks, you can pinpoint where you lost marks, and ask for a remark of a specific paper – or if you’d prefer, of all your papers! If you are still not happy, or you have still achieved an ‘ungraded’ result, you can speak to your exam centre about possibly retaking examinations. We at IIC are also more than happy to assist you through this process, and make it as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Exam results are always nerve wracking to receive, but hopefully armed with information above, and IIC’s assistance, you can receive your results without any anxiety at all!