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Imperial International College

Imperial International College (IIC) is an online learning institution that offers comprehensive support to students wishing to write their International GCSE and AS-Level qualifications, which are recognized by tertiary institutions worldwide. We are not a registered Cambridge center however our courses are all aligned to their syllabi and fully prepare students for their final International GCSE and AS-Level examinations.

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“Emma is currently in her 2nd year Bsc Dietetics which she is studying at Tygerberg (medical campus of Stellenbosch University). Although it is a really challenging degree, she is loving it.”

Emma’s Mom shared that “One of the main benefits of being home-schooled is that Emma has learned how to manage her time extremely well and is managing the challenges of university life.

Another benefit is that, as a result of Covid, universities have devised a kind of blended learning program where the students attend some lectures in person while others are online. Having the discipline of self-study has meant that Emma has adapted extremely well to this system.”
Emma v C.

“The tutor was brilliant and available and interactive. The continuous “testing” via assignments was a good indicator of what needed to be worked on and it helped to structure study planning.”

Caitlin C.

Stephen is currently studying BA in accounting and he is top of his class with an average of 89 percent!

His Mom shares: “The AS-Level Accounting definitely has helped him with his course so far.

Stephen B.

I have now completed my first year of the 3 year diploma and I have done Work Integrated Learning (ie. Internships, Industry placement, etc.) At Hacklewood Hill Country House, a 200 year old 5-star boutique hotel in Port Elizabeth.

I received top grades for my final practical exam and passed all theory exams with flying colours.
I’m so grateful for the education I received from Cambridge and the quality of the matric. My matric qualification, my culinary qualification and all my future study qualifications will be internationally recognized. My matric has definitely set me apart from other students in the way I learn and grow as a professional.”
Sebastian M.


We offer comprehensive support for independent students wishing to complete their International GCSE (the equivalent to South African Grade 10/11) and AS-Level Qualifications (the equivalent to South African Grade 12).

Although we are not a registered Cambridge examination centre, our support for each subject aligns to, and fully covers, the corresponding Cambridge syllabus.


Our courses are all offered online via the MyCollege Online Platform. That being said – every subject has a set of textbooks. The platform guides students on what to study, but most of their learning is done in their books.

Further to the lesson plans and timetables found on the platform, students also gain access to a host of essential features like Tutors, ongoing Assessment & Feedback, Video Lessons and more.

How I.I.C. Works

What it’s like to study through I.I.C.

What about final examinations and University Entrance?
Why you should study through I.I.C.
A breakdown of our course fees and average costs of textbooks.

Identifying your unique learning style and more!

When and how long our courses are.

How to choose your subjects.

A Brief History

I.I.C. Grew out of a homeschooling curriculum provider (Love2Learn). The homeschooling curriculum took students from grade 00 all the way to grade 9, however there was a need to offer students a way to receive a recognised qualification that would grant them access to tertiary institutions. So I.I.C. was born.

We choose to offer support for the International GCSE and AS-Level qualifications as we felt that of all curricula available they best met the academic standard and educational mission of Love2Learn Curriculum.

After some time the natural course of education and as such I.I.C. was to embrace technology – and so in 2013 we transitioned into an online learning institution.